Sunday, June 3, 2012

i'm sad

Our Star Wards blog is all full. I am sad. I am also too cheap to buy anything when I could simply start a new blog. Continue to keep track of us there.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

meemaw vs. archdale

Libby and The SWRMS soccer team had a game vs. an Archdale team. This was the closest, away game for us to attend this soccer season.  We decided to MeeMaw-nap MeeMaw to watch the game with us. After the game, MeeMaw said, "This is a violent game!" Soccer when played right, can be a very physical game. Although our team lost, we still had fun visiting with our MeeMaw.


The stages of the Cecil Men (and in-law) beards:

impressive huh?! :)

Penny meets Dorothy

The shop costumed a production of "The Wizard of Oz," last month. Sis. D doesn't usually costume children, but agreed to take on this project. The show had 90 (blink and close your jaw) munchkins. All the main characters were double casted. (I altered the Dorothy dress in the photo.) I ended up making 20 pairs of shorts and did the majority of the munchkins, along with making hundreds of snowflakes for capes (thank you first born daughters of mine!). Thank goodness my children happened to be the same size as a few of the munchkins, which saved me from making at least a dozen costumes from scratch. We were comped tickets to be able to see the play. Penny sat with the D family and nearly hit the ceiling when the wicked witch made her first appearance. I could see Bro. D laughing pretty hard at her reaction. After intermission, Penny came back to sit with us and she expressed her wants...a t-shirt and to meet Dorothy. She wanted to tell Dorothy that she loved her and that she was her hero. Sweet. (And ignore that stagehand in the photo, wiping his nose. ha!) It was nice to see all our hard work on stage.


The girls swiped Clyde's phone to snap a few surprise shots, while he pumped gas one afternoon. Total goonies!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

and they're off...

After wearing braces for over 3 years, Erin can finally bite into an apple. An apple (and a box of milk duds) was what she wanted for her first 'braces are off' snack. Love those straight, pearly whites, Erin!